Post-COVID Academic Innovation Task Force Volunteer Form

The Post-COVID Academic Innovation Task Force will incorporate input from many voices within our GW community when it delivers its recommendations to the Provost in May. The task force is taking a phased approach to data collection and analysis. During the first phase, the task force has divided into constituency-based working groups (undergraduate students, graduate and professional students, faculty, and academic support personnel). University community members may participate in this exploratory phase by completing surveys, giving interviews, or attending focus groups and town halls. The second phase of the task force’s work will commence in mid-March and will focus on analyzing the collected data and making recommendations focused on identified themes. There will be some opportunities to join thematic working groups during this second phase.  If you are interested in participating in either phase of the Post-COVID Academic Innovation Task Force’s work, please complete this form. 

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Have you experienced an academic innovation during the COVID-19 pandemic that could help the university in the future?