Self-Study Design

The adoption of a comprehensive self-study review model will enable the university to confirm its alignment with the seven standards of accreditation as well as the requirements of affiliation and verification of compliance with federal regulations. This self-study will also provide the opportunity for the members of the university community to reflect critically on what we have become and evaluate the impact of these changes. The original strategic plan was envisioned as a living document with modifications expected when appropriate. The self-study provides the vehicle to assess these changes and to provide direction for the next five years.

Each of the seven standards for accreditation will be assigned to a Working Group co-chaired by two members of the Steering Committee. An eighth Working Group, also co-chaired by two members of the steering committee, will address the requirements of affiliation and the Verification of Compliance with Accreditation-Relevant Federal Regulations. The reports submitted by these eight Working Groups will provide GW with recommendations for the further implementation of its strategic plan.

Intended Outcomes for the Self-Study

  1. To demonstrate how GW meets the Middle States accreditation standards, requirements of affiliation; and verification of compliance with accreditation-relevant federal regulations;
  2. To measure and assess GW’s progress in the implementation of its strategic initiatives in innovation through cross-disciplinary collaboration, globalization, governance and policy, and citizenship and leadership; 
  3. To develop recommendations to help the institution continue its mission as a diverse, student-centered institution of intellectual inquiry and research preparing the next generation of citizen leaders; and
  4. To review GW’s assessment of the quality and effectiveness of academic programs and administrative services, especially in relation to the changing needs of the students and the broader community that it serves; and further GW’s progress in developing a culture of assessment and continuous improvement across the university.