Additional Fleet Resources

  • GSA Fleet Drive-thru and Training - Learn more about how GSA Fleet is working to reduce driver risk while promoting an attitude of mutual understanding, courtesy, and safe driving.
  • Short Term Rental Program - GSA Fleet Short Term Rentals (STR) program supplies vehicles and equipment to all federal agencies to fulfill short term and temporary needs. GSA handles the procurement, so you can quickly obtain the resources you need to complete your mission.
  • Dispatch Reservation Module The Vehicle Dispatch & Reservation Module (DRM) helps customer agencies in managing their GSA Fleet and agency-owned (FedFMS) vehicles within one stand-alone application. This application allows users to schedule vehicle appointments, dispatch vehicles to drivers, and produce reports based on the data captured within the module
  • GSA Office of Government Wide Policy - GSA’s Office of Federal Asset and Transportation Policy, Motor Vehicle Policy Division develops government wide policies and guidance to provide a structured framework for federal agencies to achieve economical and effective management processes for government motor vehicle assets.
  • FAST - Federal Automotive Statistical Tool includes the federal government’s most recent fleet report.
  • Federal Fleet Report - A list of federally owned and leased vehicles as of April 12, 2016.
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle Guide - GSA has provided over 375,000 AFVs to customers, and aims to continually increase the number of AFVs in the federal fleet. Currently, the GSA Fleet has over 140,000 AFVs in its inventory.