Key Government Organizations Supporting Fleet Electrification

Plug in vehicle

Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) Office of Federal Sustainability (OFS)

The Office of Federal Sustainabilityis responsible for promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship throughout federal government operations. Working in collaboration with the Office of Management and Budget, OFS implements Executive Orders on federal environmental performance, including achieving federal fleet greenhouse gas emission reduction and fleet electrification goals.  

General Services Administration 

GSA's Office of Fleet Management strives to help agencies meet their mission requirements as well as federal requirements and reporting needs. As a mandatory source for all non-tactical vehicles and responsible for operating a leased fleet of over 205,000 vehicles, GSA Fleet provides a wide array of alternative fuel vehicles to include electric and other emerging technology vehicles and solutions. GSA is proactively taking steps to assist the federal community in more widely adopting electric vehicles by aggregating demand and introducing acquisition solutions to acquire charging stations and other equipment to lower greenhouse gas emissions across the federal fleet. 

Federal Energy Management Program

FEMP's Sustainable Federal Fleets efforts help federal fleets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, deploy alternative fuels, and reduce petroleum consumption.  Specifically, FEMP:

  • Develops relevant guidance, handbooks, and training for fleets;
  • Provides direct technical support regarding alternative fuel vehicles and associated infrastructure, including electric vehicles and electric vehicle supply equipment;
  • Plans comprehensive greenhouse gas reduction strategies;
  • Hosts and supports the Fleet Sustainability Dashboard (FleetDASH) to inform agency progress on the use of alternative fuel in dual-fuel vehicles;
  • Offers support for a variety of online tools available in the Alternative Fuels Data Center, including a comprehensive database of federal and state programs that support EVs and infrastructure, a state-by-state electricity source and emissions calculator, total cost of ownership calculations and greenhouse gas reduction planning; and
  • Hosts informational meetings, conferences, and web resources