Administration of Final Examinations During the Examination Period

Policy Statement

The Fall and Spring semesters each comprise 14 weeks of instruction. Final examinations, which include any type of end-of -semester examination, are to be administered only during the regularly scheduled Examination Period. In order to provide students maximum opportunity to study and review material covered during the semester, such examinations may not be administered during regularly-scheduled class sessions, on the class make-up day, or during the reading period.

This policy also applies to final presentations.

Three or More Examinations Scheduled on a Single Day

Students who have three or more examinations scheduled on any one day during the examination period may request to take examinations on a different day so that they have no more than two examinations on any one day. It is the student's responsibility and right to request that an examination(s) be rescheduled such that no more than two examinations are given during the course of one day. Faculty members are expected to accommodate these requests.