Contribute Ideas to the Post-COVID Academic Innovations Task Force

The GW Post-COVID Academic Innovation Task Force is seeking ways to understand, explore, and advance academic innovations that emerged or accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that we have all spent some time adapting to a virtual version of our roles, we ask you to reflect on what worked well, what did not, and your ideas for the future. 

Please think broadly and creatively about innovations in education, research, professional development, technology, advising, work-life balance, and any other aspect of your GW contributions. Your responses will help us to recommend a bold new “normal” for GW through the work of the Post-COVID Academic Innovation Task Force. Thank you in advance for your reflections. All responses will be aggregated to ensure individuals’ anonymity. 

In answering the following questions, please consider your own role, whether as a student, teaching, research, support, advising, administration, or another role.


During GW’s virtual operations, what went well? For example, did you discover or experience academic innovations that emerged or were accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic? Did you find anything that worked better than expected in a virtual format?

During GW’s virtual operations, what was challenging? For example, did you encounter challenges in the virtual environment? Did other problems arise as a result of the pandemic or its effects?

Do you have any ideas for the future that GW should consider maintaining or introducing? For example, which pandemic innovations are worth keeping when we return to (new) normal operations? Do you have any "big ideas" for changing GW for the better, driven by the challenges of the pandemic? Feel free to include innovations observed at other institutions.

As the world is changing how it's doing business, how can GW better prepare to meet the expectations and challenges of your field or profession?