Self-Study 2017-18


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To the George Washington University Community:

The university is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), a voluntary membership association of colleges and universities located in the mid-Atlantic region.

Institutions in MSCHE’s jurisdiction undergo reaccreditation every 10 years. The multiyear process involves a self-study, a campus visit from a team of academics and administrators from other institutions who have read the self-study, and a ruling on the accreditation status of the institution. MSCHE accreditation applies across the university, regardless of accreditation processes for individual schools or programs.

In early 2016, GW formed a steering committee for its upcoming accreditation process, which is led by Paul Duff, professor of religion, and Cheryl Beil, associate provost for academic planning and assessment. In addition to the steering committee, eight working groups composed of representatives of all 10 GW schools are focused on:

  • Mission and goals
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Design and delivery of student learning experience
  • Support of student learning experience
  • Educational effectiveness assessment
  • Planning, resources and institutional improvement
  • Governance, leadership and administration
  • Compliance with accreditation-relevant federal regulations

The recently completed self study draft is now available for your input. Please take the time to review it and add your comments or corrections to the document by November 10. After the review period, the university will finalize the report and submit it to the visiting team in January 2018. The visiting team will be on campus from March 25-29, 2018. Middle States determination about GW's accreditation will be made in summer 2018.

The accreditation process is an open one, and we welcome comments and questions from the university community. We will continue to share updates as we progress through the accreditation process.

I would also like to thank the Steering Committee and the Working Groups for their dedication and hard work in producing the self-study!


Forrest Maltzman
Provost and Professor of Political Science


Accreditation Timeline

November 2015 Middle States Self-Study Institute (attended by Self-Study co-chairs)
January - February 2016 Selection of the Steering Committee (in consultation with the Provost)
March 29, 2016 Kick-off meeting of the Steering Committee
March - April 2016 Create working groups (each co-chaired by Steering Committee members)
March - April 2016 Create Self-Study Design and submit it to our Middle States liaison
May 4, 2016 Campus visit of Middle States liaison
September 2016 Working groups begin their analyses
November - December 2016 Progress updates from co-chairs of each working group
February 2017 First drafts of working group reports due; drafts returned with feedback from Self-Study co-chairs
April 2017 Second drafts of working groups’ reports due
May 2017 Self-Study co-chairs complete first draft of Self-Study
June - September 2017 Community review and discussion of Self-Study draft; revisions made
October 2017 Second draft of Self-Study prepared and distributed for comments
November 2017 Self-Study draft sent to chair of visiting team
November 2017 Preliminary campus visit by chair of visiting team; feedback given on Self-Study draft
December - January 2018 Revisions made to Self-Study; final version sent to visiting team
March 2018 – April 2018 Visiting team on campus
June 2018 Middle States Commission meets to determine accreditation action

Steering Committee

Elizabeth Amundson, Registrar and Associate Provost: [email protected]
Charles Barber, Deputy General Counsel: [email protected]
Cheryl Beil, Associate Provost for Academic Planning and Assessment (Co-Chair, Steering Committee): [email protected]
Sarah Baldassaro, Associate Vice-President, External Relations: [email protected]
Jeffrey Brand, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, CCAS; Associate Professor of Philosophy: [email protected]
Elizabeth Chacko, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, CCAS; Professor of Geography: [email protected]
Steve Charnovitz, Associate Professor of Law: [email protected]
Joseph Cordes, Associate Director, TSPPPA; Professor of Economics, Public Policy and Public Administration: [email protected]
Julie DeLoia, Associate Dean, MISPH; Professor of Exercise and Nutrition Science: [email protected]
Paul Duff, Professor of Religion (Co-Chair, Steering Committee): [email protected]
Gina Lohr, Interim Associate Vice President for Research, OVPR: [email protected]
Geneva Henry, Dean of Libraries and Academic Innovation: [email protected]
Pamela Jeffries, Dean, School of Nursing: [email protected]
Laurie Koehler, Vice Provost, Enrollment Management and Retention: [email protected]
Raymond Lucas, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development; Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine: [email protected]
Mike Mochizuki, Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs: [email protected]
Terry Murphy, Deputy Provost; Professor of American Studies: [email protected]
Bhagi Narahari, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Affairs and Programs, SEAS; Professor of Engineering and Applied Science and of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering: [email protected]
Rene Stewart O’Neal, Vice-Provost of Budget and Finance, Office of the Provost: [email protected]
Barbara Porter, Chief of Staff, President’s Office: [email protected]
Paul Wahlbeck, Vice-Dean for Programs and Research, CCAS; Professor of Political Science: [email protected]