University Professors

The rank of University Professor is the highest "Regular Active Status" faculty position codified by the Faculty Code at the University. Only a very few members of the George Washington University faculties ever achieve this position. It is reserved for a select few individuals who have attained the accomplishments and associated stature to be so recognized. Read more (PDF) about the University Professor position.

Michael Barnett
University Professor of International Affairs and Political Science
1957 E Street, NW, Suite 605

Assistant: Danielle Gilbert, Research and Program Assistant, 561-350-7320


Amitai Etzioni
University Professor and Professor of International Affairs
Old Main, 1922 F Street, NW, Suite 413

Assistant: Melissa Paul, 202-994-8190


Martha Finnemore
University Professor of International Affairs and Political Science

Monroe Hall, 2115 G Street, NW, Suite 440

Contact: Jennifer Sieck, Special Assistant for Faculty Affairs, 202-994-8690 for assistance


Vanessa Northington Gamble
University Professor of Medical Humanities and Professor of Health Policy and of American Studies
Gelman Library, 2130 H Street, NW, Suite 709G

Assistant: Sarah Gomer, Research Associate, 202-994-1705


Seyyed Hossein Nasr
University Professor of Islamic Studies
Gelman Library, 2130 H Street, NW, Suite 709R

Assistant: Setara Habib, Interim Senior Secretary, 202-994-5704


Stephen Saltzburg
Wallace and Beverley Woodbury University Professor of Law
2000 H Street, NW, Suite E301

Assistant: Rasheen Robinson, Program Assistant, 202-994-2587


Stephen Trachtenberg
President Emeritus and University Professor of Public Service
805 21st Street, NW, Suite 600

Assistant: Helene Interlandi, Assistant to President Emeritus, 202-994-6504


Bernard Wood
University Professor of Human Origins and Professor of Human Evolutionary Anatomy
Science and Engineering Hall, 800 22nd Street, NW, Suite 6000

Assistant: Charlotte Krohn, Senior Secretary, 202-994-0351