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Recent community messages from the Provost

Expansion of Religious Holiday Accommodations

January 27, 2021
The Faculty Senate resolved in November to update the university’s religious holiday policy, including significantly expanding the list of approved religious holidays and increasing the amount of time students have to inform professors of an upcoming absence for a holiday. The policy also includes a final examination provision, in which students observing a religious holiday during the final examination period are permitted to reschedule the examination that conflicts with their days of religious observance.

Update on Post-COVID Academic Innovation Task Force

January 21, 2021
Sixteen individuals have accepted formal invitations to serve on the task force. Our goal is to have a finalized list of academic innovation recommendations by late May.

Continued Suspension of Study Abroad and Non-Essential Student Travel in Summer 2021

January 13, 2021
In light of the vaccination rollout likely continuing through the summer, study abroad programs and other non-essential student travel will remain suspended for summer 2021.